Saturday, 19 December 2015

Nordic Walking with penguins....

I've recently introduced some new walkers in the Falkland Islands to the benefits of Nordic Walking.  Not only do you get to exercise in the lovely coastal scenery around Stanley, you can see hundreds of penguins, too!
Through the dunes!

The bigger King penguins, and Magellanic penguins, too.

A beach full of Gentoo penguins

For a variety of reasons, I have not been able to hold regular, professional group sessions for about a year.  But, I still go out with friends on an ad hoc basis.

I am hoping I may be able to resume teaching classes in 2016.  Watch this space!

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Healthy holidays - Poling with Penguins!


This blog is simply about my activities as a Nordic Walking Instructor, now living in the Falkland Islands.  I offer regular classes and walks in what is probably the  most southerly outpost of Nordic Walking in the world.   Certainly one of the remotest!
Nordic Walkers and WW2 gun, overlooking Stanley harbour
Antarctica is about 700 miles south, but the weather here is more windy than cold.  However, that doesn't prevent enthusiastic walkers venturing out to  sample the scenery to keep fit.
A local walking group exploring the countryside or Camp.
When you have a landscape like the Falklands on your doorstep, it seems a shame to be exercising indoors.
The health benefits of Nordic Walking are well-documented, but in case you need convincing, here is a recent article on the topic.....
Dramatic scenery is everywhere.
The Falkland Islands is growing as a tourist destination.  Most visitors arrive by cruise ship during the austral summer, and spend only a few hours ashore.

However, a growing number are coming to see the wonderful wildlife which is gaining recognition as a  "cold-climate Galapagos".  Birds and animals have little fear of Man here and amazing wildlife-watching can be achieved.

If you browse earlier posts on this blog you'll find that my Nordic Walking group have had close encounters with penguins, seals, dolphins and assorted local birds.
Yorke Bay - home to hundreds of penguins.
So, if you want to combine a visit to the Falkland Islands with a Nordic Walking session, please let me know.  I have poles and transport and can show you round the wildlife spots, or Battlefield sites, whilst keeping fit, Nordic Walking!


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Weather for (Nordic) Walking in the Falklands

One way of describing the weather in the Falklands, is "variable".  The old adage - "If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes" - holds true.
Stunning views reward the climbing of sand dunes!
We rarely have to cope with excessive heat, although last week did see some flesh exposed to the warm sun.  The summer has been very wet in Stanley, but some parts of the Islands are suffering from droughts and grass fires.
A sheltered spot on Surf Bay

 An aspect of the weather that most visitors comment on is the wind, and this is a constant feature, with a daily average of about 17mph.

However, it does keep us cool, and the penguins like it!

King Penguin joining our group
Last week, as we struggled into a gale along Surf Bay, a lone King Penguin emerged from the frothing waves and accompanied us for a while.  Maybe he thought he was with friends?

Despite the weather, Nordic Walking is enjoyable and beneficial.

It is good for all ages and all shapes and sizes.  And the terrain around Stanley allows us to find varied surfaces which offer suitable challenges to all levels of fitness.

If you want more details or would like to try Nordic Walking around Stanley, please get in touch.


phone - (00500) 21178
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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Short-sleeved Nordic Walking in the Falklands

The weather is warming up in the South Atlantic, and is perfect for Nordic Walking, and watching Penguins.....or exploring the Solar System...

The Narrows
 The last few weeks have seen a noticeable increase in temperature in the Falklands, with long, sunny spells bringing welcome relief after a cool and breezy winter.
Short-sleeved walkers watching the penguins at Yorke Bay
Nordic Walkers are now enjoying walking through the sand dunes in short sleeves, and catching glimpses of the local penguin population.
Watching gentoo, Surf Bay
There are also hills around Stanley to be climbed, and some points of interest are the planets in the sculpture of the Solar System.
Some are easier to find than others, but a couple of weeks ago, we found Uranus on Wireless Ridge!
The Planet Uranus on Wireless Ridge
 If you would like more details of Nordic Walking around Stanley, and how it can benefit you,  please get in touch.

00500 21178

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nordic Walk by the sea - and feel good!


A recent study (see link, below,  for details) has concluded that walking by the sea makes you feel good!  For those of us who do it regularly, that's no real surprise.

However, if you Nordic Walk by the sea, you not only feel good, but you are also improving your fitness and health!
As you can see from these photos, taken around Stanley, our Nordic Walking sessions combine stunning scenery, with wildlife watching, with gradual fitness programmes.
It's not always windy!
Nordic Walking uses 90% of the body's muscles, so giving you an all-over work-out.  Little-used muscles are toned up, reducing any flab that may have developed over time.
Surf Bay session
 And it's a simple matter of walking faster or up slopes to have an aerobic session, giving you a great cardio-vascular exercise!
Surf Bay spectator
 But one of the biggest advantages is that it all takes place OUTDOORS!   So no staring at gym walls or boring TV pictures.   Get outside and see what the Falklands has to offer.  We've seen penguins, seals and dolphins during recent walks.
Penguin watching.
Enjoying the sunset - and getting fitter!
Session over - heading back to the water....

If you want to try Nordic Walking and enjoy the local scenery, please give me a call, on 21178.


Friday, 31 August 2012

Try Nordic Walking around Stanley!

This is an occasional blog of Nordic Walking, now happening around Stanley in the Falkland Islands!
UK Nordic Walkers on Cancer charity walk.  Note length of stride.
But first, I wanted to show the above picture to demonstrate  how Nordic Walking can lengthen your stride.  This is helped by the poles, which, in turn, means that you are engaging all the upper body's muscle groups.

So, Nordic Walking does give you an all-over workout!  By using an instructor, you'll learn this technique and get the most out of the exercise.
Striding at Surf Bay
Here in the Falklands, finding level areas for walking can be a challenge. Even the beaches can be tricky terrain. However, the poles help get over obstacles and up slopes, using muscles not normally used when walking.
Workout on the dunes
 I organise walks in a variety of venues, depending on the weather, and fitness levels of walkers.

Pause to enjoy the view.
 But, it's not all hard work.  One of the benefits of Nordic Walking is that you can have a conversation while exercising.  Try doing that while swimming!
HMS Dauntless
 And as we are outside, we get the chance to see wildlife and visitors to Stanley!

Pausing to spot HMS Dauntless
 As walkers' fitness levels improve, we go on longer and harder routes.  We are now including Mt Tumbledown in our regular walks....
Mt Tumbledown

Bright day at The Narrows
But, no matter your fitness level, Nordic Walking can be good for you.  I have worked with people recovering from strokes who struggled initially to walk 100 yards. Within a few months, they were walking miles.   And I've also worked with people preparing to climb Kilimanjaro.

The poles support your body weight, taking weight off your joints and making walking easier.

If you want to try it, please get in touch,

Tel.   00500 21178
email - peteryoung111(at)

(replace "at" with the @ symbol)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nordic Walking in the Falklands


Despite the weather, Nordic Walking has continued through the Falklands winter. Walkers have enjoyed improving their fitness while striding through the frost and snow.
Pausing to watch the Gentoos.
In the dunes around Yorke Bay, the sand has been frozen a few times, which actually makes walking easier!  An added bonus has been watching a growing group of Gentoo penguins arriving on the beach.
Striding through the snow....
Nordic Walking is an ideal exercise, no matter your fitness level. Whether for short walks along a beach or for fast uphill work, the poles mean your upper body and cardiovascular system can have a good workout.  How hard you work is up to you!
Arm, shoulder and back muscles are brought into use, especially going uphill.  And it is simple to adjust the speed to exercise your heart and lungs.

Going downhill, even in snow, is very stable with the extra balance that the poles provide.

Whalebone Cove
So, if you want to enjoy the scenery around Stanley AND get fitter, why not try Nordic Walking?

For an introduction, please give me a call,

Peter Young

Tel. 21178